Student Presentation

Students and teachers will have the opportunity to join Captain Rice with these classroom and seminar interactions inspiring, cultivating, and promoting a greater awareness in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.).  

Rice brings real world application to S.T.E.A.M. for all ages, especially diverse audiences, through topics such as: how airplanes fly, parts of an airplane, weather, aircraft design, navigation, human factors, and career opportunities.

Augmenting Think Global Flight’s educational message is the greater message conveyed by Captain Rice’s gender in a predominantly male career field.  Rice is a model career-mentor enriching the lives of diverse youth through educational and career-mentoring initiatives.

30 Minute Presentation

Price range from $250 - $500, plus travel and accommodations.  Tax deductible may apply.

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Youth Testimonials, more upon request:

Kalie, 6th grade, Lakeland, FL, USA, “Hearing how Captain Judy believed in her dream and never gave up, even when sometimes doubted herself really inspired me to pursue my dream of becoming and airline captain.”

Mohammad, 14 years old, Nagpur, India, “I could never dream further than my mind until meeting Captain Rice.  Knowing she overcame many obstacles encourages me to know that I can dream of my future.”

Jacob, 10th grade, Los Angeles, CA, USA, “Math has always been difficult for me and I always wanted to become an aerospace engineer, however, I was told I could not do this. Capt Judy could fly around the world and not be very good at math, so can I become an engineer!”

Shelia, 17 years old, Shanghai, China, “I respect Captain Rice very much. She help me understand that I can become a pilot if I work very hard and believe in myself.  I want this very much and will do so!”