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Ashley Allen

NOAA-Ashley-Allen.jpgAshley Allen, Meteorologist, National Weather Service

Ashley Allen has been working as a meteorologist with the National Weather Service for the past 6 years, though her love for weather goes all the way back to her childhood. As young at 10 years old, Ashley had an interest in weather and knew she wanted to help people, so the National Weather Service became the perfect fit to combine her passion for meteorology and her strive to save lives.

Her career started during senior year of college as an aviation forecaster at the NOAA Center Weather Service Unit.  She worked closely with the Boston ARTCC supervisors and air traffic controllers to provide aviation impact-based decision support services for air routes and airports for the Boston and Northeastern United States airspace; including forecasting for turbulence, icing, thunderstorms, and general aviation impact weather. 

After graduating from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire in May 2011, her career took her to the National Weather Service in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Her work here focused not just on providing weather forecasts and severe weather warnings, but also on building partnerships with everyone from decision makers to the general public to ensure potentially high impact and dangerous weather information was accessible and understood. As Social Media Program Manager for the Green Bay Wisconsin NWS office, she has helped expand the reach of important weather information to people that the NWS had not yet been able to communicate with and keeping people safe. She has managed a wide variety outreach events and projects, including aviation related events such as EAA, ultralight conferences, and the Oconto County Fly-in. STEM outreach has also been included in the mix of projects, talking on a number of occasions to young girls and women about science and careers in weather-related fields. She still enjoys weather and meteorology very much and loves that she gets to use her skills outside of the office to provide support for so many interesting events.