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Fred Nauer

Fred1.jpgFred Nauer’s aerospace experience mirrors many of the goals of ThinkGlobal. He’s been involved in aircraft maintenance and flying in the Air Force, flew as a first officer in the airlines, worked in a college aerospace program, an aircrew training instructor at Delta/Northwest Airlines, Inc. and is currently working as both a ground and flight instructor at Thunderbird Aviation in Eden Prairie, MN.  While United States Air Force, his first assignment was as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer.

He supervised crew chiefs (aircraft mechanics), avionics technicians and engine mechanics. He was chosen to go to navigator training and was assigned to fly the F-4E as a Weapons System Officer (WSO) after graduation. As a WSO he was trained in California, fought the Cold War in West Germany and finished up in North Carolina. After he was released from the Air Force, he started pilot training. Because of his experience as a navigator, he progressed very quickly through the training and became both a ground instructor and a flight instructor.

Fred flew for Mesaba Airlines in the Avro RJ-85 (BAC-146) as a first officer. He has taught at the high school, community college and the university level. He is renowned for his skill as a flight instructor. He was an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University working on research and teaching methods to find ways to efficiently introduce the glass cockpit aircraft to the general aviation community. He currently has logged 5,000 hours in numerous aircraft. - See more at: