Benjamin Rice


“Mom, I want to learn to fly,” the nine year old boy stated straightforward. 

Now, twenty-four years later, I hear myself saying these words again. Only this time, I am determined to earn my rotor wings and a living doing so! 

After sharing my well-thought through intentions with my mom, she surprised me on my tenth birthday with a flight lesson. After all, she had always wanted to learn to fly. After this first experience, I knew I MUST learn to fly. My passion became contagious and both my Mom and I soon started taking flying lessons. When not taking lessons, we’d hang out at the local airport. My ten year old brain absorbed anything and everything possible about flying. It was then a Citabria and Cub pilot took a-liking to this ten year old airport rat. Every weekend and summer months I could be found at the airport fine-tuning my tail-dragger skills. 

I carried this passion for flying through my teens and twenty’s. Now at thirty-four years old with a fulfilling career, I can no longer ignore my renewed passion. Through the encouragement of my family, I have the goal to earn my rotor wings with a career as a helicopter pilot by my 40th Birthday. I have carefully researched a rotorcraft career knowing the hard-work, time commitment, and financial requirements. 

Realizing my dream later in life, much like my mom, I fully intend to succeed. I also must have inherited her passion for helping others. As a Goodwill Aviation & Aerospace Ambassador, I hope to encourage others to realize their dreams and that their dreams can be accomplished. 

Ben Rice 

LaCrosse, Wisconsin 

United States