Shizuka Saito


Here at Alpha Aviation we’ve always been strong supporters of fostering interest in - and enthusiasm for - all education that expands our horizons. Especially education for our young. Of course, aerospace has a very special place in our hearts: Alpha Aviation has through 30 safe years of flight in Japan produced countless pilots and engineers for the aerospace industry. We fly helicopters and airplanes for everything from news gathering, sightseeing to aerial patrol and many other purposes. And we do it with pride, for the betterment of society, and simply for the love of aviation. We share the joy and enthusiasm for all these things with our dear friend, Captain Judy. And we’re delighted to call ourselves ambassadors for her cause. Together we will explore and expand exchange of know-how and foster a future generation of pilots and astronauts, as well as all those engineers and technicians that expand the horizons of human capability. 

Happy flights, 

Shizuka Saito 

Alpha Aviation Co.,Ltd.