David Shitsimi

David_S_Africa.jpgAmbassadors are individuals who share an aviation and aerospace international friendship mission at a peer to peer level; country to country, state to state, city‐to‐city; or, as an intermediary representing the overall goodwill of the aviation and aerospace industries.

In my personal capacity and as the African Aeronautics & Space Agency, we applaud your efforts in promoting the global goodwill and partnerships towards betterment and advancement in this industry.

From a continent lagging behind and with no unified commitment towards Aeronautics and Aerospace growth, it is time we seized the moment to work with you and other stakeholders to secure a promising future that will make us equal players and competitors.

I hereby confirm and accept to be a Goodwill Aviation and Aerospace Ambassador to with you and look forward to doing exploits and achieving beyond the sky together.

With regards,

Looking forward to continued partnership,

Yours faithfully,

David Shitsimi,

Founder & CEO, AASA.