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Goodwill Aviation & Aerospace Ambassadors deliver goodwill promoting and sharing aviation and/or aerospace ideals from their representative country and population.

These ambassadors are individuals who shares an aviation and/or aerospace international friendship mission at a peer to peer level; country to country, state to state, city-to-city; or, as an intermediary representing the overall goodwill of the aviation and/or aerospace industries.

These Goodwill Ambassadors promote aviation and/or aerospace programs reaching out to others with programs that are based on good relations that are secular and apolitical with the intent of betterment for all, especially the youth within these countries.

For most countries, the national economy is now part of the global economy.  Therefore, another result of these efforts may be the growth of the aviation and/or aerospace trade among these participating countries resulting in increased opportunities for youth across the globe.

These Goodwill missions are overseen by Captain Judy Rice and not representative of any nation’s diplomatic corp.

You may reach each of these Goodwill Ambassadors through one of the following:

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